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Reedley Dental Care
Influenced by Science, inspired by your smile!

Influenced by Science, Inspired by your smile!


Dr. Fanaian;

You can count on us. When you're here, you're in good hands.

Dr. Fanaian has been rapidly becoming one of the area's most reliable and trusted dentist, not only based on his experience and full knowledge of the dentistry field, but also with his gentle and caring personality. There's no doubt that his patients would realize that everyones goal is to focus on you and create a warm friendly environment to help you relax and overcome any anxiety that you may have been experiencing. In this practice patients are always the first priority.

The experience of a beautiful smile brings with it a sense of a new beginning, new motivation, new courage and confidence. If you find yourself uninspired or loosing self esteem when it comes to your appearance, there’s good news for you!

Beautifully restored and newly whitened teeth are certainly something to smile about and at Dr. Fanaian’s office reaching that dream is as close as your mirror. Porcelain crowns, veneers, implants and whitening systems are some examples of solutions we offer that will give you the ideal smile you are looking for. Our state of the art cosmetic treatments will fit your individual needs and restore your natural beauty. Once you regain your hope and enthusiasm, a celebration of renewed life will soon begin!